Site Erection & Storage

Proper erection & commissioning of hangers & supports is vital to the functioning & long term health of the pipe work system.

Improper installation of spring hanger & supports can cause undue stress to develop at "Terminal" points leading to failures or repetitive maintenance problems such as leaky gaskets, weld cracks, vibration in rotating equipments etc.

Pipe Hangers & Supports have Erection/Commissioning manuals for all the products including site storage of supports. A copy of the manual is shipped with the containers along with supports & a copy is mailed along with the dispatch documents to ensure that it reaches the field staff.

Over & above, each hanger carries concise erection instructions in the form of stickers & warning labels for unlocking the locked hangers & supports to bring them to the working condition.

We encourage users to download the manuals & use them to ensure the proper functioning of Pipe Hangers & Supports.

Please find attached:

Erection Manual for Constant Hangers & Supports (844 KB)

Erection Manual for Variable Hangers & Supports (644 KB)

Erection Manual for Rigid Struts (564 KB)

Site Storage Procedures (28 KB)