Pipe Hangers & Supports Software

We are pioneers in implementing custom built software packages for Hanger Supports used in Piping industry. The software packages allow the user to produce accurate drawings of hanger assemblies based on inputs & a GUI based system. These packages are distributed to users at no cost. Please contact us for access to downloads.

This utility is designed to work in AutoCad ™ environment using the Autolisp ™ utility. All the products manufactured are built in as libraries using algorithms & parametric drawing tools.

  • Drop down Menus will select correct support sizes based on user inputs.

  • Auxiliary steel structures can be drawn.

  • Ancillary components based on the support arrangement can be selected by simple icon menus. The size is predetermined by the previously selected part.

  • The drawings is generated by placing each part on to its connecting part by object snaps. More details can be added using standard Autocad ™ features.

  • The BOM is generated automatically with addition of each part on the screen, similarly a location plan with North arrow can be created on screen by inputting the grid reference.

  • The BOM can be modified, collated, sorted on screen & if required can be extracted & exported as an MS Excel ™ file.

  • A standard frame can be added from library or edited to suit for project.

  • The drawing created resides in full 1:1 scale but is adjusted on screen into A4. The drawing can be copied & pasted on to client drawings with out loss of scale or information.