• This section covers components which are essential to connect the spring supports to the structural steel & connect pipes to spring supports.

  • These have been designed on load group basis ensuring complete compatibility of various components chosen from a given load group number.

  • Typical products are two bolt, three bolt, horizontal clamps & riser clamps for vertical pipes & pipe shoes.  These are manafactured from a wide range of materials like carbon steel, alloy steel (P11, P22, P91), stainless steel operating over a wide range of temperatures & sizes from 15 NB to 1000 NB.

  • This section also covers miscellaneous standard components design on the load group basis for supporting pipe work such as U - bolts, spherical ballrockers, rod - couplers, hanger rods, turn buckles, weld less forged eyenuts, clevises etc sizes ranging from M8 to M100.

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